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Adult Memberships

  Full Adult (both courses) ($1349+hst = $1524.37)
  Weekday Adult (both courses) ($1199+hst = $1354.87)
  Full Adult (Executive course only) ($999+hst = $1128.87)
  Weekday Adult (Executive course only) ($849+hst = $959.37)

Twilight Memberships (after 3pm)

  Full Twilight (both courses) ($899+hst = $1015.87)
  Weekday Twilight (both courses) ($849+hst = $959.37)
  Full Twilight (Executive course only) ($749+hst = $846.37)
  Weekday Twilight (Executive course only) ($699+hst = $789.87)

Intermediate Memberships (under 30)

  Full Intermediate (both courses) ($1149+hst = $1298.37)
  Weekday Intermediate (both courses) ($999+hst = $1128.87)
  Full Intermediate (Executive course only) ($899+hst = $1015.87)
  Weekday Intermediate (Executive course only) ($749+hst = $846.37)

Junior Memberships (18 & under)

  Junior Membership ($425+hst = $480.25)

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