Golf Skate Caddy

Golf Skate Caddy™ is a frontrunner in the electric transportation industry. The GSC™ is the first single player golf transportation product of its kind. It combines convenience and fun so players can focus on their performance and truly enjoy the game. FiiK Skateboards, parent company of the Golf Skate Caddy™ has been a forerunner of the motorized skateboard industry for over a decade continues to lead the industry in innovation and design, applying the same passionate dedication the the GSC™.

Designed for Better Body Fitness and Lower Scores

Play faster and better with direct path to your ball and more time for pre-shot routine. When it comes to keeping core muscles warm for higher performance levels and lower scores Golf Skate Caddy™ provides the advantage golfers are looking for. Use golf as part of a fitness program with the light workout of riding a Golf Skate Caddy™. Riding is beneficial to the mid-section of the body, keeping back and legs warmed up and ready for action. For example, Champions Tour Players are permitted to use traditional golf carts, but most of them chose to walk. Why? Sitting in a golf cart between shots cools the body down and the muscles begin to stiffen up. This could potentially put them at a disadvantage in performance and ultimately affect their ability to win and earn on tour. As an amateur golfer you can benefit from the same principle. Keep your legs, back and body moving on a Golf Skate Caddy™ and enjoy better fitness and a lower golf score. Play to Win!

Good for the Game and Great for the Golf Facility

Add more fun to your facility and make more profits.
Golf Skate Caddy™ offers many features and benefits for golf course owners and operators. The unit can speed up play by 50 percent for 18 holes and can move up to six players per tee time providing additional revenue for courses. In addition to pace-of-play benefits, it is extremely turf-friendly with less impact than traditional carts. Reduce maintenance costs with less wear and tear on the golf course.
The GSC™ is an alternative that increases the appeal of a golf facility to a wider golfer demographic. The thrill of an active riding experience is a draw for younger players who are currently indifferent to the golf experience in its traditional format. At the same time the appeal is the keen for established golfers who feel invigorated by the youthful GSC™ experience. The GSC™ are equipped with the latest technology to allow users to play music and connect to their smart phones. No need to change the fundamentals of the game; enhance the experience instead!

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